APA's Center for Workforce Studies (CWS) collects, analyzes and disseminates data about the psychology workforce and education system.

Through the use of surveys, federal statistics and data mining, we gather information about the profession of psychology — including its scientific and educational communities, practitioners and psychologists working in the public interest.


CWS publishes monthly “datapoint” fact sheets in APA's Monitor on Psychology, highlighting trends in the psychology workforce and education pipeline.

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Workforce Facts

Answers to your questions about the psychology workforce and education pipeline.

How Many Psychologists?
How Many Psychologists?

Licensed Practitioners

By 2015, there were approximately 106,000 doctoral-level licensed psychologists in the United States.

How Much Debt?
How Much Debt?

Student Loans

For 2013 and 2014 graduates, the median debt was $82,000, according to a survey by APAGS.

How Many Degrees?
How Many Degrees?

A Decade of Growth

In the 2013 academic year, 6,496 psychology doctorates were awarded in the U.S., a 32 percent increase from 2004.