What is a PsycSCAN?

A PsycSCAN is a subset of the PsycINFO database on a particular topic, containing abstracts of journal articles in a specialty area such as neuropsychology or clinical psychology. All eight APA PsycSCANs are available electronically.

If you subscribe to an APA PsycSCAN(s), log in directly.

If you subscribe to the APA PsycNET Platinum package, you have complimentary access to PsycSCANs.

For search help, you are welcome to call PsycINFO User Services at (800) 374-2722 (from the US or Canada) or contact us via email.

How do I see the most recent research?

To view the most recent research in your specialty area using PsycSCANs, go to the member page. There, enter your APA login information.

Click on "PsycSCANs" under "mySubscriptions" – Enter your search terms in the “Look For” box. Note that you can fine-tune your search by clicking on any of the fields listed in the drop-down boxes to the right of the search boxes and also limit your search to a specific criterion by using the “Only Show Content Where” feature. The section below allows you to limit your search to only those records added to PsycNET within the past 30, 60 or 90 days. Thus, you can be sure you have the most recent information.

Click on "Search" and you will see the listings.

There are two Quick Search guides, Getting Started With PsycSCANs and Quick Guide to Using My PsycNET and Saving a Search Strategy for PsycSCANs, that you may find useful. You may access the guides from the Database Training section.