What is PsycINFO?
PsycINFO is an abstracts database that provides systematic coverage of the psychological literature from the 1800s to the present. (The database also includes records from the 1600s and 1700s.) An essential tool for researchers, PsycINFO combines a wealth of content with precise indexing so you can get just what you need easily. PsycINFO contains bibliographic citations, abstracts, cited references, and descriptive information to help you find what you need across a wide variety of scholarly publications in the behavioral and social sciences. Please note that PsycINFO contains no full text.
How do I get access to PsycINFO?

You may have access to PsycINFO through your library or institution. Please ask your librarian or check your institution's website. If you do not have access, you can purchase annual subscription packages or on-demand access. Visit the APA Databases Access for Individuals page for details.

I'm an APA member and I paid for access to PsycINFO. How do I get to it?

Log in to MyAPA by entering your user name and password. Your User Name is your APA member number (you can also use your APA-registered e-mail address in lieu of the member number). If you have trouble logging in, visit MyAPA for help.

Once you've logged in, click the link to PsycINFO under "My Subscriptions" to access your subscription.

How do I find out if a journal is indexed in PsycINFO?

More than 2,500 journals are currently indexed in PsycINFO. Coverage lists are available.

Are journals in PsycINFO indexed in their entirety (editorials, comments, letters to the editor, etc)?

Nearly 60 percent of the journals covered in PsycINFO are indexed cover to cover. You'll find the list of the full coverage journals online.

The materials in the remaining journals are selected based on relevance. In addition, some of the journal published in other languages contain content that is not accompanied by an English-language abstract — book reviews, commentaries and so forth. For those, we index only the articles with English abstracts.

Where's the full text of the article and how can I get it?

There is no full text included in PsycINFO.

If you are using PsycINFO through your university or institutional library, you should be able to use a tool provided by the library to search additional library resources for the full text. To use this tool, look for a button or link next to your search results. For help with this tool, or with locating journal articles in general, please contact your librarian.

Note that if your library subscribes to PsycARTICLES (a database of full-text APA journals), PsycINFO may include direct links to the full text of those articles. For a list of specific journals and years covered in PsycARTICLES, please see the PsycARTICLES Coverage Information.

If you are using PsycINFO through a personal subscription, such as APA PsycNET Gold, Gold Plus or Platinum, or through APA PsycNET Direct , you will need to access the full text directly from the article’s publisher. If presented, use the DOI link or the “Full text from publisher” link. If these links are not available, visit the publisher’s website for the journal (the name of the publisher is available in the PsycINFO record for the article). You can also use a third-party document delivery service. For more information, see our page on Getting Full Text for Documents Found in PsycINFO, or view our YouTube video tutorial Your APA PsycNET Subscription: Where’s the Full Text?  

How can I get help searching PsycINFO?

Most search systems provide context-sensitive online help, so that's the best place to start. There's probably a “help” button or link somewhere on the screen. If you're searching PsycINFO through your institution's library, a reference librarian may be able to guide you through the search. If you’re accessing PsycINFO through APA PsycNET, there is a link to the help menu in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Visit our Search Help and Training Center. It has search guides and other useful information specific to each vendor system that provides PsycINFO.

For help with a specific search strategy, contact us. We can give you suggestions about what terms to search and help you if what you've searched for already isn't giving you the information you want.

How do I get publications added to PsycINFO?
We're always happy to consider new publications for coverage in PsycINFO. Go to the PsycINFO Publisher Relations section for details.
How much does PsycINFO cost?

The price of PsycINFO varies depending on whether you are an individual searching from your home or office or are providing institutional access to the database to many people.

Individuals can get unlimited access by subscribing to a database package or get daily access from a nominal fee.

For institutions, APA makes its databases available for site licenses through several distribution vendors.

I found an error in a PsycINFO record. How can I report it and get it corrected?

Please send an email to PsycINFO describing the error. Include the citation for the item that needs to be corrected, what the error is, and how it should be corrected. We will research the error and any correction will appear in a future PsycINFO update.

Is everything that was published in Psychological Abstracts in the PsycINFO database?
Nearly all. Some technical reports appeared in Psychological Abstracts but are not in PsycINFO. These technical reports are now included in PsycEXTRA. All records covering books and peer-reviewed journals that appeared in Psychological Abstracts are in PsycINFO.
Is PsycINFO COUNTER compliant?

COUNTER is a statistics standard for reporting online usage statistics. APA PsycNET, the APA delivery platform, is fully compliant with COUNTER Release 4. For more information, visit the usage statistics page of the Librarian's Resource Center. If you are accessing PsycINFO through the Ovid, EBSCOhost or ProQuest platform, please consult those services for details about COUNTER compliance.