What kind of content is in PsycEXTRA?

PsycEXTRA contains records representing conference proceedings, newsletters, reports, patient-oriented factsheets and brochures, magazines, monographs, standards and guidelines, and more.

Each record in PsycEXTRA includes an abstract and citation for the item, as well as additional information. PsycEXTRA includes full text for about 70 percent of its records, and links to the websites of those who own the content listed.

PsycEXTRA focuses on content that is outside of the peer-review system. It is different from PsycINFO in content and coverage. There is no overlap between the two databases.

How do I access PsycEXTRA?

PsycEXTRA is included in the APA PsycNET Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum personal subscription packages. For one-time or occasional personal use, users can purchase a day pass through APA PsycNET Direct, which provides 24 hours of unlimited access to PsycEXTRA.

Libraries can subscribe to PsycEXTRA on behalf of their students, faculty and staff. Please contact your librarian to find out if PsycEXTRA is already available to you.