What is PsycBOOKS?

PsycBOOKS is an extensive collection of peer-reviewed books that provides students, researchers, and educators access to high-quality publications in psychology and related fields. PsycBOOKS includes the newest scholarly and professional books published by APA including reference works from the APA Handbooks in Psychology® Series that delve deep into specific subfields within psychology.

How do I get PsycBOOKS, or full-text of a chapter I found in it?

Libraries and other institutions can license PsycBOOKS from APA or through another vendor. Check with your librarian to see if you already have access to PsycBOOKS.

Individuals can purchase annual subscription packages or purchase chapters individually via our on-demand access. Visit the APA Databases Subscription Packages for details.

What vendors offer PsycBOOKS for libraries?

PsycBOOKS is available through APA on APA PsycNET and from several other vendors: ProQuest, EBSCO and Ovid Technologies. For more information, see PsycBOOKS Pricing & Access Options.

Are APA Style® products included in PsycBOOKS?

No. APA Style products, Magination Press children's titles, APA LifeTools trade book titles, textbooks, encyclopedias, and most other reference publications are not included in PsycBOOKS.