Where can I find information from APA on careers in psychology?

APA offers comprehensive information on psychology careers on its Careers page. APA has several useful guidebooks on psychology careers. The Psychology: Science in Action microsite describes numerous subfields of psychology while profiling psychologists and describing their jobs and research. Please also see our Career Development page.

How can I find information about jobs at APA?

Please visit our Career Center.

How much do psychology faculty earn?

In the 2014-15 academic year, psychology faculty had a mean salary of $74,000 (PDF, 267KB). Salary levels were higher for tenure or tenure-track faculty and for those working at public institutions.

How much do recent recipients of psychology doctorates earn?

Among 2014 graduates with research doctorates in psychology, median salaries were lowest ($40,000) for those entering postdoctoral study positions, and highest for those entering industry employment: $75,000 for business or industry, $69,000 for government and $60,000 for nonprofit organization.

What are the characteristics of online job advertisements for licensed psychologists?

In 2014, there were approximately 12,000 online job postings for licensed (or license-eligible) psychologists in the United States.