Does APA offer children's books?

Yes, APA’s Magination Press publishes innovative books that help children deal with the many challenges and problems they face as they grow up. The topics range from the everyday—starting school, shyness, normal fears, and a new baby in the house—to more serious problems, such as divorce, attention deficit disorder, depression, serious injury or illness, autism, trauma, death, and much more.

Most of our books are written by mental health professionals or those who work closely with them and with children.

Are APA books available in retail stores?
Most APA print books are available in retail stores.
Is there a list of every book APA sells?

A list of all APA books is available on the APA Books website.

A list of all APA children’s books is available on the Magination Press website.

Are any APA books offered in electronic format?

APA offers some books in two electronic formats: Kindle and Mobipocket. You can search a list of e-books and a list of children's e-books.