What is APA Style CENTRAL?

APA Style CENTRAL is an online application which offers a suite of integrated services and tools designed to help students learn and apply APA Style®. It is geared towards undergraduate and graduate students, but also includes tools for a more advanced and professional audience who is engaged in scholarly publishing.

How do I access it?

Libraries can subscribe to APA Style CENTRAL on behalf of their students, faculty and staff. Please contact your librarian to find out if APA Style CENTRAL is already available to you.

Do I have to create an APA Style CENTRAL account?

An account is not necessary to use tutorials, self-quizzes, samples or ebooks, or to search and browse publishing opportunities.

You do need an account to create and save papers and related items like references, tables and figures.

If you have an existing APA account (My APA, PsycNET, etc.) you can use that account to log in to APA Style CENTRAL. You can also create a new account, or log in with Google.

How do I take a quiz in APA Style CENTRAL?

Quizzes in the Learning Center of APA Style CENTRAL are self-quizzes and therefore not graded.

Graded tests may be administered through a learning management system (LMS). Pre-formatted, LTI- and SCORM-compliant tests are available through the administrative functions of APA Style CENTRAL. Please contact your campus APA Style CENTRAL administrator for more information.

Can I do research in APA Style CENTRAL?

No, APA Style CENTRAL does not contain the full text of research articles. Some formatted citations from PsycINFO are included for your convenience so that you can easily associate those citations with your papers and file cabinet.

How do I start my paper in APA Style CENTRAL?

Use the Writing Center to start a new paper and choose a template, and start writing. You’ll be asked for a title when you create your document, but you can change it at any time.

What administrative features are available?

Analytics such as accounts created, learning objects viewed, papers and references created are available in the Admin Center for the designated administrative user. You can also set up your co-branding and access information about LMS integration. MARC/RDA records are also available for the 17 reference titles in the platform.