APA continues the march for psychological science

Psychologist Susan Sorenson inspired with her call for expanded gun violence research.

Susan Sorenson speaks at the march rally
Susan Sorenson speaks at the march rally
On Saturday, April 14, 2018, in Washington, D.C. and in cities around the world, scientists and science enthusiasts rallied together, once again, in support of science. The second annual March for Science drew a crowd to Washington to call for robustly funded, widely communicated science, to champion STEM education, and to urge policy makers to marshal the best scientific evidence available when crafting policy.

During the rally on the National Mall, scientists, educators, students, patients and professionals in technology, public health and science communications highlighted the vital role of scientific research in addressing the pressing issues we face both nationally and globally. Speakers across disciplines spoke on a broad range of topics including climate change, clean drinking water, curing rare diseases, access to science education and diversity in the larger scientific community, to name a few. Though the topics and perspectives of the speakers varied widely, together they echoed one key message, that science serves.

This year’s speaker lineup included psychologist Susan Sorenson, PhD, of the University of Pennsylvania. Sorenson’s remarks highlighted both the appalling lack of federal funding for gun violence research and why increased funding is essential to prevent further violence. She described the particular challenges that gun violence researchers face and emphasized the importance of a public health approach, with a focus on prevention, to address gun violence. The American Psychological Association worked with march organizers to arrange for Sorenson to be a speaker.

APA members and staff gathered together in D.C. to support Sorenson and to march for psychological science. Our March for Science activities reflect and reinforce APA’s commitment to championing psychological science and applying psychology to address a wide range of challenges facing society today.

APA employees and members getting ready to march Marchers assembling behind the lead March for Science banner

APA employees and members getting ready to march; Marchers assembling behind the lead March for Science banner