About the APA Science Directorate

Representing the Interests of Psychological Science

The mission of the APA Science Directorate is to communicate, facilitate, promote and represent psychological science and scientists. These goals are achieved through programs that promote psychological science in academic and scientific arenas, address ongoing issues and opportunities, communicate activities, issues and opportunities to members and to the public, and advocate on behalf of scientific psychology.

The science of psychology faces many challenges. We must work within increasingly complex regulatory systems, and develop skills and mechanisms for trans-disciplinary, problem-based approaches. We must also balance increasing specialization while maintaining the unity of the discipline and building a pipeline to assure a strong next generation of psychological scientists.

APA is uniquely positioned to champion and broadcast the opportunities and to provide tools for the discipline to tackle the challenges. The professional staff of the Science Directorate works with several member-based governance groups to represent the interests of psychological science.

Please join us! We welcome your participation, and appreciate your suggestions on how we can make APA work better for you.