About the APA Psychotherapy Video Series

The APA Psychotherapy Video Series presents distinguished psychologists demonstrating specific approaches to a wide range of patient problems. Designed for clinical training and continuing education, these videos and DVDs were created to provide psychology students and practitioners with expert introductions to various therapeutic approaches and hands-on knowledge of how to treat particular patient issues.

Viewers will

  • learn how experienced practitioners translate theoretical concepts into practice

  • gain a firsthand look at what happens in a live session

  • observe how therapists deal with specific critical incidents in treatment

  • watch a demonstration of specific therapeutic interventions

The videos and DVDs feature psychotherapists demonstrating their own ways of conducting psychotherapy in entire, unedited sessions. Most sessions are with actual clients, making these videos and DVDs rich illustrations of what real therapy is like.

Each title also features an interview in which the therapist discusses the approach taken in the session as well as reactions and thoughts on how the session went. Each video or DVD features a 40- to 50-minute therapy session, with an introductory and closing interview with the therapist.

Some of the earlier videos in the series feature actors as clients. In these cases, the session depicted is improvised on the basis of actual case material. The descriptions for individual videos will indicate when the video features an actor.

How to Use the Videos

  • As a stand-alone activity for professional development or orientation to specific psychotherapeutic approaches and issues.
    If you are using these videos in this manner, it may be helpful to start by reading about the particular approach. A list of recommended readings can be found at the end of each video description. Another suggestion is to view the video in its entirety, do some suggested reading on this particular approach, and then view the video again.

  • As a valuable supplement to a class dealing with this approach or these client issues.
    This video series is user-friendly and explains various issues and approaches in a clear and concise manner so that all viewers can understand. Because many of the videos are divided into three sections—discussion, session, and discussion—instructors and students can focus on the psychological stance and approach of the practitioner, view an actual session with real clients dealing with real issues, and gain an understanding of how the approach works and why the therapist used particular interventions. This information provides a window into the minds of these distinguished psychotherapists and allows viewers to understand the psychotherapists' interventions throughout the session.

  • As group training, whether used in clinical agencies or educational settings.
    Because many of the videos are split into the three segments, a group can view a section and have a discussion before they resume viewing the other sections.

  • As a forum for a series of class sections or a workshop for either professional development or continuing education.
    You may use all or parts of the video to support specific teaching objectives, although a fee may be assessed for using videos in some environments.

The videos in the APA Psychotherapy Video Series are intended for educational and training purposes. Unauthorized viewing of these videos is expressly prohibited.

All participants have agreed to allow their clinical demonstrations to be filmed and distributed for educational and training purposes; nonetheless, the material should be considered confidential and treated according to professional and ethical guidelines.

Anyone who watches these videos must agree to the following:

  • You are an Authorized User, which means you are using these videos for legitimate educational purposes, whether as a mental health professional in training or as part of other relevant university-approved educational courses or assignments.
  • It is unethical to disclose identifying information about any of the participants in the videos or to share access to the videos with unauthorized viewers.
  • You will not make any copies or cause any copies to be made of the videos and you understand that it is illegal to copy or disseminate the video footage without prior written permission of the Publisher.
  • You will respect the videos and their content by viewing the videos in a private environment, out of sight or hearing range of unauthorized viewers.

These terms are outlined in the disclaimer at the opening of each video. Any viewer who does not agree to the terms at the beginning of the video is expected to cease watching the video.

Electronic Use. Electronic streaming is an option under limited conditions if permission is granted by the APA. Please send your request to the APA Permissions Office.