Arlo Guthrie Live at APA: My Peace - CD

Arlo Guthrie Live at APA: My Peace CD
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Arlo Guthrie makes an exciting, upbeat and highly entertaining appearance at the 113th Convention of the American Psychological Association. Guthrie—a popular performing artist of international stature, a natural-born storyteller, a dedicated activist dedicated to fighting social injustice, and an iconic protest singer in his youth—performs 6 songs, including his classic Alice's Restaurant and his definitive version of The City of New Orleans. Each song is introduced with warm and personal remarks delivered in Guthrie's distinctive and wonderfully humorous style.

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Featured tracks

  • Ridin' Down the Canyon
  • Gypsy Davey
  • The City of New Orleans
  • This Land Is Your Land
  • Alice's Restaurant
  • My Peace