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    Feminism From A to Z

    By Pitman, Gayle E.

    Feminism From A to Z is an alphabetical primer on feminism for teen girls. Each chapter examines a topic that offers call-to-action exercises incorporated into each lesson.

    Copyright: 2017 | Softcover

  2. 2

    GIRL: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You

    By Rayne, Karen

    This book is a growing-up guide for teen girls with information about identity, dating, romance, love, relationships, and sex.

    Copyright: 2017 | Softcover

  3. 3

    Depression: A Teen's Guide to Survive and Thrive

    By Toner, Jacqueline B.; Freeland, Claire A. B.

    This guide discusses depression and provides guidance and tools based on cognitive-behavioral therapy principles to help teens take a problem-solving, strategy-based approach to deal with depressed moods, thoughts, and behavior.

    Copyright: 2016 | Softcover

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    Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy

    By Smiler, Andrew P.

    This book provides boys age 13 and older with the knowledge and framework they need to become responsible and mature relational and sexual beings.

    Copyright: 2016 | Softcover

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    All My Stripes: A Story for Children With Autism

    By Rudolph, Shaina; Royer, Danielle

    This is the story of Zane, a young zebra with autism, who fears that his differences make him stand out from other children.

    Copyright: 2015 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Don't Put Yourself Down in Circus Town: A Story About Self-Confidence

    By Sileo, Frank J.

    This book shows children how to foster self-confidence by discouraging negative self-talk and put-down statements, encouraging persistence and asking for help, and focusing on effort, not results.

    Copyright: 2015 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Stickley Sticks to It! A Frog's Guide to Getting Things Done

    By Miles, Brenda S.

    This book shows children how to persevere on challenging tasks with determination and confidence.

    Copyright: 2015 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Woolfred Cannot Eat Dandelions: A Tale of Being True to Your Tummy

    By Crangle, Claudine

    This book addresses the emotional issues related to food intolerance. It follows the story of a young sheep who is unable to eat dandelions because they make him ill.

    Copyright: 2015 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    Joey Daring Caring and Curious: How a Mischief Maker Uncovers Unconditional Love

    By Craver, Marcella Marino

    This book is about normal misbehavior, sibling/family dynamics, and importantly, unconditional love.

    Copyright: 2015 | Hardcover or Softcover

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    My Sister Beth's Pink Birthday: A Story About Sibling Relationships

    By Szymona, Marlene L.

    This book helps young children deal with the issue of sibling rivalry and sharing within the context of a birthday celebration.

    Copyright: 2015 | Hardcover or Softcover

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