One day, Line met Dot...and they decided to play together!

It was so much fun they invited their friends — big and small, young and old. The more the merrier.

With so many friends, Line and Dot discover that they can create much more than before.

About the Author

Born in Normandy in 1969, Véronique Cauchy had a penchant for writing at a very early age...but instead she studied business, going from Paris to Berlin via Reims and Sacramento!

An expert in international trade, she directed a human resources company in her native Normandy, but her life changed when she had children. Moving first to Anjou and then to Languedoc, she discovered children's literature and threw herself into the crazy adventure of writing for young readers.

Her books are published by l'école des loisirs, Gulf Stream, Lito, and Rue des Enfants.

About the Illustrator

Laurent Simon graduated from the Emile Cohl School of Art in Lyon in 2001. After a brief stint at the illustration agency Costume 3 Pièces, he went back to a drawing career in 2009. He notably creates advertisements and posters. In 2011, he penned his first work, Cacophonie à Fabémol, illustrated by Marie Flusin.