Russell is a boy with autism. Russell is a boy with a great big smile and a family who loves him.

Step into Russell's World for an inside look at a real-life family as they share their photos and stories. Kids can see just what Russell and his family experience as well as the surprises and challenges that can come with autism.

An extensive Note to Parents offers concrete information about autism and gives parents tips about supporting children with autism and their siblings, getting services, and taking time for self-care.

About the Author
Charles A. Amenta III, MD, is in private practice of ear, nose, and throat medicine. He lives with his family in Chicago, Illinois, and is the father of three boys, one of whom has autism.
Reviews & Awards
  • ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist

The author writes from experience and research — not only is he a physician, Amenta is also Russell's father. With honesty and love, he describes the many challenges that Russell, who is severely autistic, faced growing up, including the impact on his siblings and others around him. The mixed-media illustrations contain photographs of Russell and his family; they add great appeal to the story, and will help young children understand more about autism.
—School Library Journal

Likable young Russell puts a face on autism. Amenta's experience with his own son (now grown) shapes this heartfelt approach. This child craves routine and rituals and struggles to relate to his younger brothers…Vivid mixed-media spreads include black-and-white childhood photos and display a hodgepodge of household objects and crayon scribbles; each element vies for control of the cluttered mind. Though Russell remains nonverbal, his expressive eyes depict each intense reaction. Busy spreads reveal his isolation and frustration as he fights for control. Supportive without sugarcoating, this realistic account of a disorder that affects so many contains at its core a raw emotional heart.
—Kirkus Reviews

The story focuses on [Charles A.] Amenta's son Russell at age nine, the ways his autism manifested in his daily life, and how it affected his family. Mixed-media collages incorporate b&w photographs of Russell and his family with naïf images of toys, childlike artwork, and background scenery. Extensive back matter offers suggestions for parents with autistic children and provides an update on Russell (now an adult) and his family. An accessible introduction to the outward behaviors often associated with autism.
—Publishers Weekly