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Divorce usually changes many things in a young child's life, including family structure, lifestyle, and the child's home. As a result, children of divorcing parents may feel sad, lonely, angry, or confused. And, like the young boy in this story, they often feel that they are to blame. With this gentle story, young children can begin to understand that divorce is about grown-up problems, while getting comforting answers to their most pressing questions.

Was It the Chocolate Pudding? addresses the confusion experienced by children who are early school age and younger, and focuses with comforting reassurance on the questions that are foremost in their minds: Do my parents still love me? Who will take care of me? And perhaps the biggest question of all: Was it my fault?

A Note to Parents, written by Jane Annunziata, PsyD, describes common emotions and reactions that parents may expect from their children during separation and divorce, and provides practical information and helpful ways to guide the young child through this process.

About the Author

Sandra Levins lives in Burlington, Iowa, with her husband and two adolescent stepsons, the inspiration for her stories. Sandy says, "I write boring, bureaucratic mumbo jumbo for my government job, but when I began writing children's books, I fell in love with the message and the joy it can bring to children's lives." Sandy also has three grown sons who think she is the best mom ever.

About the Illustrator

Bryan Langdo loves to wake up in the morning and start drawing. He has illustrated nearly twenty books as well as various magazine spots. He lives in a very old house in Upstate New York with his wife Nikki and their son, Oliver.