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Vol. 11, No. 2, June 2018
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ISBN: 978-1-4338-9182-3
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  • Developmental Care Approaches for Mitigating Stress in Preterm Neonates in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Systematic Review
    Nathália de Figueiredo Silva, Maria Beatriz Martins Linhares, and Cláudia Maria Gaspardo
  • Behavioral and Electrophysiological Study of Attention Process in Preterm Infants With Cerebral White Matter Injury
    Claudia Calipso Gutiérrez-Hernández, Thalía Harmony, and María Elizabeth Mónica Carlier
  • Children's Working Memory: Maternal and Child Sociodemographic, Cognitive, and Mental Health Predictors
    Paola Passareli-Carrazzoni, Karina Pereira-Lima, and Sonia Regina Loureiro
  • Event-Related Potentials and Intelligence Among Brazilian Schoolchildren: An Exploratory Study
    Carlos Guilherme Schlottfeldt, Marcela Mansur-Alves, Carmen Flores-Mendoza, and Carlos Julio Tierra-Criollo
  • Subgroups in Cognitive Development: Distribution of Brazilian Students Aged 7–14 Years
    Iasmin Andrade Gabrig, Rosinda Martins Oliveira, and Helenice Charchat-Fichman
  • Detecting an Intention to Communicate From Nonword Sounds
    Mary-Claire Hanlon and Yann Quidé
  • Gestures and Related Skills in Developmental Coordination Disorder: A Production-System Deficit?
    Orianne Costini, Arnaud Roy, Sylvane Faure, Chrystelle Remigereau, Emmanuelle Renaud, Laure Blanvillain, Catherine Fossoud, and Didier Le Gall
  • The Neurotrophic Actions of Serotonin and Dopamine on the Larval Feeding Circuit in Drosophila Are Sexually Dimorphic
    Parag K. Bhatt, Igi Vilza, Harsha Swamy, Selma Avdagic, and Wendi S. Neckameyer

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