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Webinar Training for Librarians

Can't join us at the times below? You can view a recording on our YouTube channel, or download the slides to work at your own pace.

All times are Eastern Time.

Behind the Scenes of PsycINFO: Coverage and Indexing

Behind the Scenes of PsycINFO Webinar Schedule
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No sessions scheduled at this time. Please email PsycINFO Webinars to schedule a session.

The session reviews the structure of APA Database records, covering the elements of the bibliographic citation, controlled vocabulary and indexing. Also reviews value-added fields, such as classification codes and tests and measures. Sample searches will demonstrate these fields, as well as the online thesaurus and keyword searching.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand PsycINFO content and structure
  • Become familiar with PsycINFO record structure and indexing practices
  • Use field values and limits effectively for bibliographic instruction
  • Keep on top of platform updates and search techniques
  • Develop shortcuts for use in instructional material

Beyond Subject Searching in PsycINFO

Beyond Subject Searching Webinar Schedule
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No sessions scheduled at this time. Please email PsycINFO Webinars to schedule a session.

Need some new tricks to tuck up your sleeve? In this session, which builds upon Behind the Scenes of PsycINFO, we'll cover some ways that you can use this database for more than just locating articles.

For example, have you ever used PsycINFO to identify the types of research being done at a particular institution, or find journals in which to publish new work?

We'll also provide a review of searching for information on tests and measures and will highlight our Record Structure and Field Guide — tools that can help you become your library's PsycINFO expert.

Taking our Behind the Scenes of PsycINFO webinar first is not required, but this session does assume that you are familiar with the platform you use to access PsycINFO and with the basics of searching the database.

For a refresher on topics such as the PsycINFO thesaurus and most-used fields and limits, you'll want to start with our Behind the Scenes of PsycINFO session.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to use field values to identify co-authors and collaborators
  • Know how to find out what types of research are being done at particular institutions
  • Identify ways to locate tests and measures in PsycINFO


These sessions are ideal for subject specialists, reference librarians, and instructors who provide support for behavioral sciences students and faculty.

Please invite any members of your library staff or faculty who are interested in gaining in-depth information about PsycINFO content and structure, as well as how to build efficient search strategies to obtain scholarly literature and enhance their research process.

We also offer additional training sessions tailored to students and faculty.

Additional Webinar Training

  • Would you and your colleagues like a refresher on the APA databases you subscribe to?
  • Are you currently trialing an APA electronic product?
  • Do you want to attend one of our regular sessions, but need a different date and time?
  • Would you like to offer a special session for your teaching or research faculty?

Please contact us. Our training specialists can work with you to develop and schedule a webinar to meet your needs.

We offer training on all four of the major vendor platforms: APA PsycNET, EBSCOhost, ProQuest, and Ovid.


Please email any questions or comments to PsycINFO Webinars with "Webinar Training" in the subject line.