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Libraries & Institutions

APA databases and electronic resources provide authoritative solutions to meet the interdisciplinary needs of every institution.

From comprehensive discovery and linking tools to a powerful search and retrieval engine, APA provides resources designed to improve the user experience by reducing discovery time, exposing related content, dynamically linking to full-text documents, and much more.

APA Books® E-Collections

APA Books® E-Collections

Purchase selected electronic books through APA Books E-Collections for a one-time fee.
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Institutional APA Databases & Electronic Resources

APA offers the following databases and electronic resources for institutional access

Discovery & Perspectives

Full-Text Books & Journals

Tests & Measures

Streaming Psychotherapy Videos

Award-Winning Search & Retrieval Platform

License Terms and Fees for Databases

APA offers tiered pricing based on size and type of institution for the following databases:

PsycTHERAPY, APA Video Introduction to Psychotherapy Systems, and the APA Clinical Training Video Series are available for a flat annual fee.

APA Books E-Collections and APA Handbooks in Psychology are available for a one-time purchase fee, with a renewable annual fee for access on APA PsycNET.

All license and purchase fees apply to geographically distinct institutions, such as a single campus of a university. Multiple campuses, satellite locations, etc., require separate licenses.

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APA licenses its databases on APA PsycNET and through several vendors.

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Featured Training Videos

Sample PsycINFO Search on APA PsycNET

This is a sample search of PsycINFO on the APA PsycNET platform. We use a search example question to illustrate how you can use the elements of a question to build a search with the thesaurus.
4 minutes [Closed Captioned]
Webinar & Conference Training

Webinar Training

Training specialists offer live webinars tailored to specific needs. Choose from custom sessions created for varying skill levels, databases, and unique user groups to create a customized learning experience.

View upcoming training webinars for:

Conference Training

APA brings database training to you with in-person sessions at library and professional conferences throughout the year.

Videos, Tutorials & Online Training Tools

APA provides a host of brief videos and tutorials that show how to use APA databases, get the most from specific features on APA PsycNET and vendor platforms, and offer tips on building precise searches.

Online Training Tools

Tips & Documents

APA grants permission for librarians and educators to link these tutorials to their library web sites, Libguides, course management software, and other resources intended to assist students and researchers in their work.

Additional tools and resources can be found in the Librarian's Resource Center.

Library Resources