Translations and Subsidiary Rights

To request the rights to publish or produce APA Books®, Magination Press® publications or Videos in different formats — such as translation more commonly, but also including audio, book club, electronic, video, television, motion picture — you must license the material directly from APA and contact us.

You must be a publisher (or producer) or agent to request licensure of rights to our products. We work with all agents and none exclusively.

We do not work with individuals. Therefore you must contact a publisher/producer and submit your proposal to purchase the rights for a particular product to be converted to one of the formats listed above. Their licensing representative will then submit an offer to APA and request a license.

The most common subsidiary rights request is for translation of APA Books, Magination Press, and Video products. Therefore, the following are our standard translation licensing terms:

  • 12 months to translate and 24 months to publish translation of APA book, after execution of a license agreement.
  • 10% royalty fee assessed, based on your estimated cover price of translated book and the number of first print run copies.
  • 100% royalty payable upon execution of license agreement.

A three-month option will be granted upon request but not automatically. It may not be possible for us to grant an exclusive option in some cases based on the amount of review requests for any given title. We will not grant options three months prior to the Frankfurt Book Fair. Option requests will not be accepted after July 1st of any given year.

To place a review copy request please send an email to Translation and Subsidiary Rights indicating the title(s) of the book(s) or video(s) and the item number.