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    APA Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology

    Edited by Fiese, Barbara H.

    This comprehensive three-volume set lays a solid foundation for integrating theory, research, practice, and policy in contemporary family psychology.

    Copyright: 2019 | Hardcover

  2. 2

    APA Handbook of Dementia

    Edited by Smith, Glenn E.

    This book addresses assessment, comorbidity, evaluation, and treatment of various forms of dementia.

    Copyright: 2018 | Hardcover

  3. 3

    APA Handbook of Psychopathology

    Edited by Butcher, James N.

    This handbook provides a broad perspective on new scientific developments in the study of symptoms and classification of mental disorders.

    Copyright: 2018 | Hardcover

  4. 4

    APA Handbook of the Psychology of Women

    Edited by Travis, Cheryl B.; White, Jacquelyn W.

    Across this two-volume set, chapter authors provide scholarly reviews and in-depth analyses of subjects within the psychology of women. Themes of status and power inform many chapters.

    Copyright: 2018 | Hardcover

  5. 5

    APA Handbook of Giftedness and Talent

    Edited by Pfeiffer, Steven I.

    This handbook incorporates the most recent thinking and cutting-edge research from a wide range of fields related to gifted education, including developmental and social psychology, the neurosciences, cognitive science, and education.

    Copyright: 2018 | Hardcover

  6. 6

    APA Handbook of Forensic Neuropsychology

    Edited by Bush, Shane S.; Demakis, George J.; Rohling, Martin L.

    This handbook covers scientific and clinical neuropsychological advances and their application in forensic contexts.

    Copyright: 2018 | Hardcover

  7. 7

    APA Handbook of Trauma Psychology

    Edited by Gold, Steven N.

    This two-volume handbook provides a survey of major areas and subtopics of empirical knowledge and practical applications in the field of trauma psychology.

    Copyright: 2017 | Hardcover

  8. 8

    APA Handbook of Comparative Psychology

    Edited by Call, Josep

    This two-volume handbook presents the different aspects of comparative psychology — behavior, cognition, learning, and neurophysiology — in a balanced and exhaustive manner.

    Copyright: 2017 | Hardcover

  9. 9

    APA Handbook of Community Psychology

    Edited by Bond, Meg A.; Serrano-García, Irma; Keys, Christopher B.; Shinn, Marybeth

    This two-volume handbook summarizes and makes sense of exciting intellectual developments in the field of community psychology.

    Copyright: 2017 | Hardcover

  10. 10

    APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology

    Edited by Norcross, John C.; VandenBos, Gary R.; Freedheim, Donald K.

    This five-volume handbook reflects the state-of-the-art in clinical psychology — science, practice, research, and training.

    Copyright: 2016 | Hardcover

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