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    Unifying Effective Psychotherapies: Tracing the Process of Change

    By Fraser, J. Scott

    Philosophically rich and highly practical, this book offers therapists a transtheoretical, transdiagnostic perspective that identifies the process of change that underlies all effective psychotherapy models.

    Copyright: 2018 | Hardcover

  2. 2

    The Ethical Practice of Consulting Psychology

    By Lowman, Rodney L.; Cooper, Stewart E.

    This book, based on the APA Ethics Code, reviews the unique ethical issues that psychologists encounter when working as consultants in business and other organizational settings at three levels of practice: individual, group, and organizational.

    Copyright: 2018 | Softcover

  3. 3

    Psychological Treatment of Medical Patients in Integrated Primary Care

    By Dobmeyer, Anne C.

    This concise guide offers a primer for behavioral health care professionals who are new to integrated primary care systems, with a particular focus on the primary care behavioral health model of integrated service delivery.

    Copyright: 2018 | Softcover

  4. 4

    How and Why Are Some Therapists Better Than Others? Understanding Therapist Effects

    Edited by Castonguay, Louis G.; Hill, Clara E.

    This book identifies which characteristics make therapists more or less effective in their work and proposes guidelines to improve their effectiveness.

    Copyright: 2017 | Hardcover

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    A Practical Guide to Cultivating Therapeutic Presence

    By Geller, Shari M.

    This book outlines easy-to-use exercises that clinicians can implement in sessions and in their daily lives to develop therapeutic presence.

    Copyright: 2017 | Hardcover

  6. 6

    Ethical Practice in Geropsychology

    By Bush, Shane S.; Allen, Rebecca S.; Molinari, Victor A.

    Working with older adults can present a unique array of ethical issues. This book presents a decision-making framework and clinical vignettes to help clinicians navigate these complex quandaries.

    Copyright: 2017 | Hardcover

  7. 7

    Supervision Essentials for Integrative Psychotherapy

    By Norcross, John C.; Popple, Leah M.

    This book presents a form of integrative clinical supervision that is applicable to integrative and single-system psychotherapy alike.

    Copyright: 2017 | Softcover

  8. 8

    Supervision Essentials for Emotion-Focused Therapy

    By Greenberg, Leslie S.; Tomescu, Liliana Ramona

    This book introduces a model of supervision that is founded on the same fundamental principles as emotion-focused therapy therapy: a safe supervisory alliance and relationship, an agreed-upon focus for each supervision session, and the identification of appropriate task markers.

    Copyright: 2017 | Softcover

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    Supervision Essentials for the Practice of Competency-Based Supervision

    By Falender, Carol A.; Shafranske, Edward P.

    This book shows readers how to identify, assess, and track the knowledge, specific skills, broad attitudes, and human values that undergird a series of professional competencies in areas such as professional values, sensitivity to individual and cultural differences, ethical and legal standards, self-care, scientific knowledge and methods, applying evidence-based practice, and more.

    September 2016 | Softcover

  10. 10

    Affirmative Counseling and Psychological Practice With Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients

    Edited by Singh, Anneliese A.; dickey, lore m.

    This clinical guide reviews theory-based strategies for affirmative, competent practice with transgender and gender nonconforming clients of different ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds.

    Copyright: 2017 | Hardcover

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