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    Neuropsychology of Sports-Related Concussion

    Edited by Arnett, Peter A.

    This book explores neuropsychological considerations in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of sports-related concussions and their aftereffects.

    October 2018 | Hardcover

  2. 2

    The Handbook of Multilevel Theory, Measurement, and Analysis

    Edited by Humphrey, Stephen E.; LeBreton, James M.

    This handbook shows scholars how to conduct multilevel research. Chapters guide readers through the nuances of research design and analysis and discuss the importance of context, dynamics, and complexity.

    November 2018 | Hardcover

  3. 3

    Treating the Difficult Divorce: A Practical Guide for Psychotherapists

    By Lebow, Jay L.

    This book presents a comprehensive, integrative, systemic approach to psychotherapy with families undergoing difficult divorce.

    November 2018 | Hardcover

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    The Basics of Psychotherapy: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, Second Edition

    By Wampold, Bruce E.

    This book presents essential background necessary for understanding the role of theory in psychotherapy and shows how understanding psychotherapy theory is the first step to becoming an effective therapist.

    November 2018 | Softcover

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    APA Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology

    Edited by Fiese, Barbara H.

    This comprehensive three-volume set lays a solid foundation for integrating theory, research, practice, and policy in contemporary family psychology.

    December 2018 | Hardcover

  6. 6

    Reporting Qualitative Research in Psychology: How to Meet APA Style Journal Article Reporting Standards

    By Levitt, Heidi M.

    This guidebook shows researchers how to use the Journal Article Reporting Standards for Qualitative Research (JARS-Qual), the Mixed Methods Article Reporting Standards (MMARS), and the Qualitative Meta-Analysis Reporting Standards (QMARS).

    December 2018 | Softcover

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    The Psychology of High Performance: Developing Human Potential Into Domain-Specific Talent

    Edited by Subotnik, Rena F.; Olszewski-Kubilius, Paula; Worrell, Frank C.

    This volume explores how early potential develops into high performance in five domains: sport, the professions, academia, the performing arts, and the producing arts.

    December 2018 | Hardcover

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    Autism and Your Teen: Tips and Strategies for the Journey to Adulthood

    By Grossberg, Blythe

    This book offers supportive advice for parents and caregivers of older children with autism spectrum disorder as they navigate the path from the tween years to young adulthood.

    December 2018 | Softcover

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    Consulting Psychology in National Security Organizations

    By Moret, Laurie B.; Greene, Carroll H. III

    This book surveys the rewarding consulting opportunities that await psychologists in national security settings and describes the strategies and skills that are required for succeeding in this unique field.

    January 2019 | Softcover

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    Ethical Conflicts in Psychology, Fifth Edition

    By Drogin, Eric Y.

    This updated edition presents selected readings on crucial ethical issues that psychologists encounter in their roles as clinicians, researchers, teachers, consultants, and assessors.

    January 2019 | Softcover

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