The growing field of sport and exercise psychology offers an abundance of opportunities for clinical practice. For instance, a sport and exercise psychologist might work with elite or professional athletes, use exercise therapeutically with clients, conduct workshops for parents and youth sport coaches, or implement a community-based physical activity intervention.

This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the field of sport and exercise psychology. Several chapters review common performance enhancement interventions, including goal setting, imagery, cognitive strategies, intensity regulation, and modeling. Additional chapters review interventions for health and well-being.

Recommendations are provided for assessing, treating, and referring clients with psychopathology, and considerations pertaining to special populations are also detailed, including work with youth sport participants, college student-athletes, elite athletes, and culturally diverse groups.

The book concludes with a discussion of professional issues in sport and exercise psychology, including education, certification, how to integrate this specialty into existing clinical practice, and the unique ethical challenges of working in this area.

With its comprehensive scope and emphasis on both research and application, this book is a rich resource for both practitioners and students interested in learning more about applying psychology in sport and exercise settings.

Table of Contents




  1. Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
    Britton W. Brewer and Judy L. Van Raalte

I. Performance Enhancement

  1. Comprehensive Sport Psychology Services
    Harriet D. Speed and Mark B. Andersen
  2. Goal Setting in Sport and Exercise: Research to Practice
    Robert S. Weinberg
  3. Imagery Training for Peak Performance
    Daniel Gould, Dana K. Voelker, Nicole Damarjian, and Christy Greenleaf
  4. Cognitive Strategies in Sport Psychology
    Aidan Moran
  5. Intensity Regulation and Sport Performance
    Gregory S. Wilson and Jim Taylor
  6. Modeling: Is What You See, What You Get?
    Penny McCullagh, Diane Ste-Marie, and Barbi Law

II. Promoting Well-Being

  1. Exercise Initiation, Adoption, and Maintenance in Adults: Theoretical Models and Empirical Support
    Beth C. Bock, Sarah E. Linke, Melissa A. Napolitano, Matthew M. Clark, Ronnesia B. Gaskins, and Bess H. Marcus
  2. Promotion of Physical Activity in Communities: Public Health Psychology of Physical Activity
    David A. Dzewaltowski
  3. Clinical Applications of Exercise Therapy for Mental Health
    Kate F. Hays and Wesley E. Sime
  4. Counseling Interventions in Applied Sport Psychology
    Albert J. Petitpas and Taunya Marie Tinsley
  5. Teaching Life Skills Through Sport: Community-Based Programs to Enhance Adolescent Development
    Tanya Forneris, Kathyrn A. Conley, Steven J. Danish, and Lauren M. Stoller

III. Clinical Issues

  1. Measurement in Sport and Exercise Psychology
    Selen Razon and Gershon Tenenbaum
  2. Psychopathology in Sport and Exercise
    Britton W. Brewer and Trent A. Petrie
  3. Referral Processes in Sport Psychology
    Judy L. Van Raalte and Mark B. Andersen

IV. Working With Specific Populations

  1. Psychological Interventions in Youth Sports
    Ronald E. Smith and Frank L. Smoll
  2. Helping Intercollegiate Athletes In and Out of Sport
    Scott B. Martin and Mark B. Andersen
  3. Working With Elite Athletes
    Patrick H. F. Baillie, Henry Davis IV, and Bruce C. Ogilvie
  4. Diversity in Sport
    Stephen P. Gonzalez, Ariane L. Smith Machin, and Karen D. Cogan

V. Professional Issues

  1. Education for Sport and Exercise Psychology
    Penny McCullagh, John M. Noble, and Steve Portenga
  2. Certification in Sport and Exercise Psychology
    Samuel Zizzi, Leonard Zaichkowsky, and Frank Perna
  3. Incorporating Sport and Exercise Psychology Into Clinical Practice
    Kate F. Hays and Jack J. Lesyk
  4. Ethics in Sport and Exercise Psychology
    James P. Whelan, Maggie Hill, Meredith Ginley, and Andrew W. Meyers


About the Editors

Editor Bios

Judy L. Van Raalte, PhD, is a professor of psychology at Springfield College; a certified consultant, Association for Applied Sport Psychology; and listed in the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry. She has worked with athletes, coaches, and sports organizations around the world.

Dr. Van Raalte has presented at conferences in 16 countries, produced sport psychology videos, and published more than 80 articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics such as self-talk, body image, and professionals issues in sport and exercise psychology.

She is a fellow of APA and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

Britton W. Brewer, PhD, received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Arizona State University. He is a professor of psychology at Springfield College; a certified consultant, Association for Applied Sport Psychology; listed in the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry; and a fellow of APA and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

His research focuses on psychological aspects of pain and injury in sports. As CEO of Virtual Brands, LLC, he has been an executive producer of more than 20 sport psychology videos.