Anyone considering psychology as an undergraduate major needs to read this book. Author Donna Schultheiss provides a comprehensive strategy aimed at helping undergraduates use self-exploration tools to decide if psychology is the right major for them. She offers a detailed, reader-friendly explanation of psychology and its subfields and an examination of the importance of diversity and multiculturalism in present-day practice.

Throughout, Schultheiss draws heavily on the vocational psychology literature, giving readers intellectual and practical exposure to the tools of the field. Experiential and self-assessment exercises help readers focus their thinking, and strategies for decision making and stress management aid them in coming to terms with this important life decision. After finishing this book, readers will have a comprehensive picture of the opportunities psychology offers as a field of study and a career, and will also come to a greater understanding of themselves and their personal motivations.

Table of Contents

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  1. What Is Psychology?
  2. What Is an Undergraduate Major in Psychology All About?
  3. How Do I Know if Psychology Is a Good Match for Me?
  4. What if I Need Help Deciding?
  5. Handling the Stress Associated With Important Life Decisions
  6. Getting the Most Out of My Major in Psychology
  7. Strength in Diversity
  8. Life After College: The World of Work for Psychology Majors
  9. Is Graduate School for Me?




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