Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs

Programs and Services

Calls and Nominations

  • Request for Applications
    The Building Research Infrastructure and Capacity Speaker Series Initiative seeks to increase the capacity of ethnic minority serving post-secondary institutions and faculty to engage in health disparities research and to encourage student involvement in health disparities research training.

  • Call for Nominations: APA Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs
    Seeking nominations for two new members to begin three-year terms of service on January 2019.

  • CEMMRAT Grant
    The CEMRRAT small grants are intended to serve as "seed funds" to energize, empower and support interested individuals, organizations and educational institutions committed to enhancing ethnic minority recruitment, retention and training in psychology.


  • OEMA Launches Video Series: Facing the Divide
    Our first video in the series Racism in America outlines the complex issues associated with race-related stress and fosters group discussions that promote critical thinking, increase empathy and encourage social perspective-taking. This video helps you structure effective group discussions and models ways to keep difficult dialogues about race and prejudice productive.

  • Videos: Ethnicity and Health in America Series
    The Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs regularly hosts educational events during the four national heritage months dedicated to people of color in America (i.e., Black History Month in February, Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month in May, National Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month in September and National American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month in November).