Psychology and Aging Career Profiles

Exploring Careers in Aging Roadmap
Psychology and Aging Career Profiles

There are a large variety of career possibilities in the field of psychology and aging for those interested in practice and research. Explore the links below for brief profiles of psychologists in action. Check out the Prolonging Vitality report to see other examples of how psychologists are helping older adults of today and tomorrow promote their vitality.

Psychology Research Careers

  • Neuropsychologist
    Jennifer Manly, PhD, studies how people’s cultural experiences affect their brains as they age.

  • Applied Gerontologist
    Cameron Camp, PhD, has taken the Montessori teaching method and retooled it to help people with Alzheimer’s disease regain some of the skills that have fallen prey to their illness.

  • Developmental Psychologist
    Joseph E. Gaugler, PhD, conducts family caregiving research on how best to manage the logistics and emotional reactions associated with placing a loved one in a long-term care facility. 

  • Organizational Psychologist
    Eduardo Salas, PhD, studies and works to improve team dynamics in settings such as emergency rooms.

  • Human Factors and Engineering Psychologist
    David Strayer, PhD, studies how the brain processes information to better understand what causes driver distraction and improve driver safety.

  • Health Psychologist
    James Sallis, PhD, collaborates with urban planners to design walkable cities and communities to encourage physical activity.

  • Researcher and policy advocate
    Mark Brennan-Ing, PhD, conducts applied and translational research on psychosocial issues affecting older adults with HIV. He uses his research to advocate for public policies to support this population.    

  • Quantitative Psychologist
    Michael C. Edwards, PhD, studies the methods and techniques for the measurement of human behavior.

Psychology Practice Careers

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