APA Denounces Administration Plan to Roll Back Policies That Factor Race in College Admissions

Cites research demonstrating benefits of diversity in higher education

WASHINGTON — Following is the statement of Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD, president of the American Psychological Association, regarding the administration’s announcement that it will rescind current guidelines supporting affirmative action in college admissions:

There is compelling scientific evidence supporting the overarching principle that institutions of higher education should be encouraged to employ race-conscious admissions practices to promote the many educational benefits for all students associated with campus diversity.

“Underrepresentation of minority groups inhibits academic performance and fosters prejudice. Additionally, subconscious or implicit racial bias continues to interfere with the effective education of nonminority students. Research has also shown that increased racial diversity improves intellectual and academic performance for minority and nonminority students and promotes harmonious and productive intergroup relations. Furthermore, diversity in higher education improves civic engagement and professional competency.”

The American Psychological Association has filed five amicus briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting the consideration of race in college admissions polices on the grounds that social science research confirms the benefits of such policies.

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