July/August 2018 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 49 No. 7
July/August 2018 Monitor on Psychology

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What's next?

  • What's next?

    We asked 33 influential psychologists to identify the critical questions the discipline must answer

Assessments using virtual reality


Psychological testing and assessments are going high-tech

Assessments using virtual reality correlate with findings from traditional paper-and-pencil measures of function in people with ADHD

Jeff T.H. Pon, PhD


Psychologist takes the helm of federal human resources

Jeff T.H. Pon seeks to improve outcomes across the federal workforce and boost morale

Helping Rohingya refugees

Psychologists are stepping in to help the Rohingya, who are caught up in one of the largest and fastest-growing refugee crises

3 questions for Brian Hare

The head of the Duke Canine Cognition Center discusses what studying dogs can teach us about our own evolutionary past

Tuning in to our amazing auditory system

Nina Kraus leads a diverse team of researchers and clinicians who are teasing apart the way our brains process sounds and finding that auditory ability is a strong indicator of brain health

Etiquette for integrated care

Good manners are a key component of good team functioning and patient care in medical settings. Here’s advice on how to avoid breaking unwritten rules.

Keys to success when going for tenure

There are some misconceptions about what it takes to get tenure. Senior psychology faculty reveal the real requirements.

Innovative care for patients with serious mental illnesses

Jessy Warner-Cohen has designed a unit that improves care for patients with behavioral and cognitive challenges

The hot list

What's ahead at APA

By the numbers: Drug overdoses continue to increase

Deaths from drug overdose—and especially from synthetic opioids—are surging in the United States, according to a report from the National Center for Health Statistics