June 2018 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 49 No. 6
June 2018 Monitor on Psychology

On the Cover:
Genetic testing and family secrets

  • Genetic testing and family secrets

    With more people using commercial genetic tests to find family members and learn more about their DNA, psychologists consider the risks and benefits

Whether, when and how people engage in suicidal behavior


The cultural distinctions in whether, when and how people engage in suicidal behavior

Psychologists are exploring the risks and protective factors of different groups to inform more culturally attuned prevention and treatment

Help refugees


Help for refugees who need mental health care

A new database, developed with support from APA divisions, connects psychologists with organizations that serve refugees

5 questions for Diana Tamir

The Princeton psychologist is exploring how we make sense of other people—work that has implications for understanding our social media habits and our empathy toward others

Mission to Mars

What psychosocial challenges would astronauts face on an epic journey to the red planet?

Good timing

Psychologists’ research highlights how timing can affect memory, attention, mood and more

The consequences of stress during pregnancy

At this UCLA lab, researchers explore the ways stress and social support influence the health of mothers and their babies, before and after birth

Guarding mental health in the emergency room

A health psychologist has eschewed the traditional consult role and embedded herself directly in the emergency department to improve care

Spanish-speaking psychologists in demand

By learning or perfecting their Spanish, practitioners can better serve a large and growing population

Crunching the numbers behind college sports

Tom Paskus leverages his quantitative expertise to shape policy for the National Collegiate Athletic Association

By the numbers: More countries take action to minimize smoking

Tobacco control measures are on the rise worldwide, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report. But there is still much room for improvement

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