May 2018 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 49 No. 5
May 2018 Monitor on Psychology

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Building a sustainable future

Continuing Education


What should you do if a case is outside your skill set?

Cinical experts discuss how to determine whether you are in over your head with a client, and if so, what to do about it

Puerto Rico


Mental health in Puerto Rico

More than eight months after hurricanes ripped through the Caribbean, psychologists are continuing their work to protect mental health and build resilience among residents

More good news for internship seekers

In 2012, 26 percent of psychology students pursuing health-service training did not secure an internship in the first phase of the match. This year, that number has dropped to 12 percent.

Healing the wounds of pregnancy loss

Pregnancy loss creates a unique type of grief, and psychotherapists say more should be done to support those facing such pain

5 questions for Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

The firefighter and applied psychologist explains how goal-oriented training can increase firefighter safety and effectiveness during emergencies

Tracking Alzheimer's Disease

Technology offers new hope for catching the early cognitive and behavioral changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease, and new avenues for treatment

Jump-starting creativity

The Laboratory for Relational Cognition at Georgetown University explores the brain mechanisms that underlie creative thinking

Now they can't practice without him

Just two years after integrating a psychologist into its staff, this family medicine practice is reducing emergency room visits and improving overall patient care

How to review a manuscript

Journal editors identify 10 key steps for would-be reviewers

Sexual harassment on campus

Advice and resources for psychology students on how best to prevent and respond to misconduct by faculty and others

Steering research funding at the federal level

Psychologist Jovier Evans coaches investigators who apply for grants to study mental disorders among older adults

By the numbers: Happy places

People in Africa, Latin America and the United States are more upbeat about daily life than those in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, finds a Pew Center survey of 38 countries

The hot list

What's ahead at APA