February 2018 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 49 No. 2
February Monitor 2018

On the Cover:
The power of heritage

  • The healing power of heritage

    Interventions rooted in indigenous traditions are helping to prevent suicide and addiction in American Indian and Alaska Native communities

Burned out


Are you burned out?

Here are signs and what to do about them

Activist athletes


Activist athletes

New resources offer guidance for psychologists working with athletes who take a stand—or kneel—for social justice

Sharing the reality of schizophrenia

A storytelling project benefits patients and enlightens audiences

A new lesson plan for high school psychology

APA offers new resources for teachers to strengthen one of the most important classes students will ever take

4 questions for Timothy D. Wilson

The University of Virginia social psychologist says revising the stories we tell about ourselves can lead to lasting behavior change

What it really takes to stop sexual harassment

Psychologists call for a comprehensive approach with real-world impact

Virtual reality expands its reach

Newly accessible virtual reality systems are delivering results in the therapist's office, research lab and beyond

Is your website outdated?

IT experts offer six tips for revitalizing your website

Treating the effects of LGBT stigma

The Esteem Program at the Yale School of Public Health is building and testing much-needed interventions for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people

How to write an op-ed

Through editorials, psychologists can alert the public to the work they do that addresses society’s greatest problems. Here’s advice on how to write an op-ed with impact.

Diving into the user experience

Mac Smith uses his psychology training to help Google better understand human behavior—and to raise the questions no one else has thought of

By the numbers: Our increasing climate concerns

A growing number of Americans believe climate change has touched them personally