January 2018 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 49 No. 1
January Monitor 2018

On the Cover:
The dawn of social robots

How psychologists can improve their work with patients through two interventions


Practice makes perfect: Strategies that hone practitioners' skills

How psychologists can improve their work with patients through two interventions

Young victims of the opioid crisis


Young victims of the opioid crisis

More children are being sent to foster care due to a parent's opioid misuse. Psychologists are ramping up efforts to help.

Helping the helpers

Telepsychology can increase access to mental health care for aid workers in remote or treacherous areas. But to be effective, therapists need to consider these clients' unique needs.

A fresh vision for APA

New CEO Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD, seeks to broaden the roles psychologists play to tackle some of society's most pressing problems

Renowned psychologists elected to fellow status

Congratulations to the 90 new members on APA's list of luminaries

4 questions for Tomi-Ann Roberts

The Colorado College psychology professor says an inappropriate encounter with Harvey Weinstein put her on a path to study the sexual objectification and sexualization of girls and women

Can an app change your mood?

Wearable devices and mobile apps that track mental health are hitting the market. Proceed with caution.

Turning classrooms into learning laboratories

The LearnLab at Carnegie Mellon University takes a high-tech approach to understanding and improving learning

When disaster strikes

Psychologist helps victims get critical medical care

By the numbers: Dangerous drinking

Binge drinking is on the rise among U.S. adults, but it is down among teens