December 2017 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 48 No. 11
December Monitor 2017

On the Cover:
Juggling career and family

Assisted dying


Assisted dying: The motivations, benefits and pitfalls of hastening death

As physician-assisted dying becomes more available, psychologists are finding opportunities to study people’s motivations and the potential benefits and harms of aid in dying

The CRAFT model helps get people the skills needed to cope with others' substance use problems.


An underappreciated intervention

Although it is not yet widely used in the United States, the CRAFT model is giving family and friends the skills they need to help get loved ones treatment for substance use problems

4 questions for Betsy Levy Paluck

The newly anointed MacArthur Fellow shares her innovative field work— studying how social norms can be used to create positive societal change

Not your great-grandfather's psychoanalysis

Psychologists have modernized the approach to better serve patients and have conducted more research that validates its success

Seeking intimacy

People with physical disabilities fight hurtful stereotypes when looking for relationship partners

The three-minute pitch

Communications competitions are helping psychology students captivate audiences with their research. Here’s how you can, too.

How to create your own podcast

Seven secrets to attracting a devoted audience

The seductive power of curiosity

The Motivation Science Lab at the University of Reading explores how our need to know drives human behavior

Down on the farm

Human factors psychologist Margaux Ascherl optimizes technology to make farming more efficient

By the numbers: Our stressed-out nation

Americans are worried about the future of their country in these tense political times, according to APA’s 2017 Stress in America survey