April 2017 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 48 No. 4
April 2017 | Monitor on Psychology

On the Cover:
Age-defying athletes

  • Aging in motion

    Research is exploring what makes older athletes tick and how high-level sport participation affects their well-being

Psychologists' roles in helping to treat opioid-use disorders and prevent overdoses


Psychologists helping to treat opioid-use disorders

More than 60 percent of overdose deaths now involve an opioid

Many American's stressed about the nation's future.


Many Americans stressed about the nation's future

APA’s latest Stress in America survey reveals that more Americans are reporting symptoms of stress—and citing personal safety and terrorism as sources of stress

Raising a generation to be safe and kind online

Psychologists are working with teens, teachers, parents and the tech industry to raise awareness of and prevent cyberbullying

Unseen victims of sex trafficking

While most people think of women and girls as the victims of human trafficking, men and boys are also at risk

4 questions for Fathali M. Moghaddam

Author of “The Psychology of Democracy” offers his insights on threats to the American way of government


Psychologists are studying the impact of anti-Muslim sentiment and exploring ways to prevent it

Power play

Psychological research shows that the powerful and the powerless see the world in very different ways

Secrets of a great group practice

These top practices offer opportunities for research, pro bono work, built-in CE and more

Premarital counseling: A vital, untapped niche

These practitioners help couples create happy, lasting unions by offering guidance on conflict resolution and more

Finding mentors who help students soar

For minority students, finding mentors can be a challenge. Here’s how they can overcome barriers.

Protecting the planet with behavioral science

At the Environmental Defense Fund, Rainer Romero-Canyas is promoting environmentally responsible behavior worldwide

Eight ways to take charge of your finances

Financial literacy isn’t usually part of the graduate school curriculum. Here’s what students and early career psychologists should know as they embark on their careers.

Members to vote on bylaws change

Amendments would update descriptions of APA Board leadership roles and responsibilities to comply with current legal requirements.

By the numbers: Women in science

Women earn about half of the degrees awarded in science and engineering in the United States, but the percentage varies greatly by field