APA International Learning Partner Program to Cuba

APA International Learning Partner Program

The International Learning Partner Program (ILPP) is open to psychologists and graduate students of psychology who are interested in building professional collaborations with colleagues in the Caribbean.

Applications are due Aug. 30, 2018.

The upcoming ILPP to Cuba will take place Nov. 18-28, 2018. Participants will attend the HOMINIS 2018 Conference (Nov. 19-24), meet with leaders, faculty and service members of psychology organizations and programs, visit university and clinical settings and participate in local social and cultural activities. 

A minimum of 15 continuing education credits will be offered through this program.

View the HOMINIS 2018 Conference pamphlet (PDF, 451KB).

Contact Juliana Mayhew for any questions about the ILLP program.

This is an important program for many reasons… Cuba is so very close to us geographically and we have been estranged from them for so long. It was very clear from the beginning of the trip that we share a great deal more with them than most U.S. citizens think.
—Linda Garcia-Shelton, PhD, APA member


To apply, please:

  • Complete the online application.
  • Email Juliana Mayhew with the subject "International Learning Partner Travel to Cuba – lastname" and attach the completed checklist and waiver found below.

            - Trip waiver (PDF, 132KB)
            - Checklist form (PDF, 178KB)
            - Payment form (PDF, 160KB) 

Please note, your application is considered incomplete until you have submitted the above checklist and waiver forms to Juliana Mayhew and the deposit to Common Ground Travel.


Program prepared in collaboration with Common Ground Education & Travel Services, a licensed travel service provider and Amistur, S.A. Havana.

Download itinerary (PDF, 230KB)


The cost for this program covers roundtrip airfare from Miami to Cuba, lodging, travel on the ground, and most meals (see itinerary). The night in Miami is not included and must be booked on your own. Cost varies based on single or double occupancy.

  • Double occupancy: $5850
  • Single occupancy: $6100
Cuba seems to be the gold standard for how to make resources stretch within a public-health model and I believe a great deal of what I learned can be applied to the community that I serve.
—Rita Billow, PhD, APA member

Past Programs

A group of psychologists traveled to Cuba for an eight-day trip to learn about Cuban psychology education and history, and the Cuban health care system, and to attend Hominis 2016, a conference organized by The Cuban Psychology Society.

More about this program: APA in Cuba: Building relations and building collaborations

Cuba 2014

A group of psychologists led once more by 2012 APA President Suzanne Bennett Johnson, travelled to Cuba to learn about the Cuban health system and participated in the 7th International Congress on Health Psychology — Psychohealth 2014, organized by the Cuban Society for Health Psychology.

More about this program: Psychology in Cuba

Cuba 2013

Led by Suzanne Bennett Johnson, PhD, participants met with Cuban colleagues to discuss major health issues and psychology's unique role in health care and health education in Cuba. The program included one "mini-conference" day with presentations and exchange with Cuban psychologists on research/application topics.

More about this program: APA sponsors second professional visit to Cuba

Cuba 2012

A group of 16 psychologists travelled to Cuba with program leader Carol Goodheart, EdD, to explore models of psychology education and training, and mental health systems in Cuba. The program report included a summary of each meeting, personal/cultural highlights of the visit, outcomes and next steps. This program was eligible for CE credit.

More about this program: APA delegation visits Cuba

APA members in Havana.

Cuba 2013

APA members in Havana.

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