The nomination period is now closed. Check back again later for the next round of nominations. 

Each year, the Continuing Education Committee (CEC) seeks nominations for new members. Nominations are usually accepted from individuals, APA committees, boards and divisions, as well as self-nominations. Please note that letters of recommendation are not considered. 

As defined in APA's Association Rules, the committee develops policy and program recommendations for the Association's continuing education (CE) program, working collaboratively with the Office of CE Sponsor Approval and the Office of Continuing Education in Psychology. The committee's tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing review of all sponsors and organizations seeking APA CE sponsor approval.
  • Collaborating with organizations that want to become APA-approved sponsors.
  • Identifying, promoting, implementing and evaluating research, development and innovations in CE.
  • Reviewing prospective convention CE workshops and CE sessions.

The committee seeks to assemble a professionally and culturally diverse group of psychologists. The CEC is committed to lifelong learning and evidence-based practice and education (see APA policy on Quality Professional Development and Continuing Education).

Consistent with APA's initiative to include early career psychologists (ECPs) (within 10 years of receiving doctoral degree), the CEC actively encourages the nomination of ECPs, in addition to those that are more established in their careers. The CEC is committed to maintaining a diverse and broad representation from all groups and areas of psychology; and particularly seeking diversity (e.g., gender, culture, sexual orientation, disability status and geographic region).

Member Requirements

  • Attend two 3-day committee meetings each year in Washington, DC, with expenses reimbursed by APA (April and September).
  • Review applications independently and coordinate reviews with other committee members. This typically requires a minimum of 30 hours of work in the three weeks prior to each meeting.
  • Attend several orientation and calibration conference calls each year.
  • Review CE sessions and workshops for APA convention once per year online (November/December).
  • Work on committee projects between meetings and participate in committee conference calls and listserv discussions.
  • CEC members are also encouraged to attend related events at the APA convention if possible, although expenses cannot be reimbursed for convention activities.
Each nomination packet must include the following information: