There shall be an American Psychological Association of Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) Committee whose mission shall be to:

  • Promote the highest standards in teaching of psychology both as a science and discipline.
  • Promote professional development and other means for lifelong learning for high school teachers of psychology.
  • Increase professional identity and promote leadership for high school psychology teachers of psychology.
  • Facilitate networking, including the formation of both horizontal and vertical linkages, among teachers from all teaching levels of psychology.
  • Encourage recruitment and retention of students, particularly minorities, in the field of psychology.
  • Enhance visibility and legitimacy of high school psychology within the American Psychological Association.
  • Enhance the visibility of legitimacy of high school psychology with other members of the psychological community.
  • Recommend the appropriate response advocacy, education policy, and certification issues that impact on the quality or viability of teaching of high school psychology.

Staff Liaisons

  • Emily Leary Chesnes (email)
  • Robin Hailstorks, PhD (email)


  • 2018 chair: Maria Vita (2017-19)

  • 2018 chair-elect: Allison Shaver, MA (2018-20)

  • 2018 past chair: Kristin Whitlock, MEd (2016-18) 

  • Dana Melone, MAT (2018-20)

  • Chuck Schallhorn, MS (2017-19)

  • Joe Swope, PhD (2018-20) 

  • Brad Wray (2017-18)

  • Ladonna Lewis, PhD (2018-20)
    college faculty representative

  • Linda Woolf, PhD (2017-19)
    college faculty representative

Annual Reports

2018 Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations to join the TOPSS Committee
Nominate yourself or a colleague today for the chair-elect and member-at-large positions.