APA has a wealth of resources for practitioners, academicians and psychologists in non-academic positions to further their careers.

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Further Your Career

  • Integrated Health Care Alliance
    Sign up for this free, APA-members-only online training and support network, which gives you the introduction and connections you need to develop new skills in integrated primary care. 
  • Guidelines and criteria for practicing psychologists
    APA has approved a variety of practice guidelines and related criteria as policy in such areas as multicultural practice, child custody evaluations and treatment of gay, lesbian and bisexual clients, and others. 
  • APA's Practice Directorate
    Provides resources and services to practicing psychologists in all settings.
  • Practitioner career resources
    Further your career with information on licensure, continuing education, finding work and business management.
Non-Academic Careers
  • Jobs at APA
    Look for APA's current career opportunities or search for specific APA jobs that match your interests.
  • Interesting careers in psychological science
    APA aims to inform both graduate students and established psychologists about the broad range of non-academic positions in which they can apply their scientific knowledge and skills. 
  • Careers in psychology
    Careers in psychology can be found in countless fields, from health care and public service to business and technology.
Job Seekers
  • Resources for Job Seekers
    APA psycCareers LIVE presentation handouts and other related information on topics such as nontraditional psychology careers, networking, job applications, updating LinkedIn profiles, résumés and more.
  • Employment standards at the VA
    In June 2016, the Veterans Healthcare Administration modified its standards for employment, affecting interns and postdoctoral fellows as well as employees.

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