Our Values

APA demonstrates an enthusiastic commitment to and pride in serving the membership. APA recognizes that its human resources are its most valuable resources and commits to the following values because the effectiveness of the organization depends on the accumulated contributions of its individual employees.

  • Decency and Fairness
    APA encourages an atmosphere in which issues of fairness and equity can be discussed openly and dealt with respectfully, responsibly and effectively.
  • A Spirit of Teamwork
    APA encourages employees to see their own work in the context of APA's overall mission and promotes cooperation among employees in the achievement of APA goals.
  • Flexibility and Resilience
    APA views change as an opportunity to excel and seeks to embrace and manage change by involving staff in identifying and meeting challenges.
  • Individual Differences
    APA recognizes that diversity is a source of strength and is committed to building and maintaining a work force that is diverse in all respects and able to capitalize on its diversity to enhance creativity and productivity.
  • Employee Development
    APA encourages learning and development of staff potential by providing training, development and advancement opportunities to all employees.
  • Collaborative Decision Making
    APA recognizes that the best decisions frequently reflect a variety of perspectives, knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Open Communication
    APA seeks to promote open communication and opportunities for staff to contribute to or provide feedback on decisions.
  • Health and Well-being of its Employees
    APA recognizes the effect of the workplace on health and well-being. APA also believes good mental and physical health enables employees to do their best work. Therefore APA seeks to create a work environment that actively promotes health.
  • Employee Recognition
    APA seeks a variety of ways to acknowledge and reward individual and team contributions.
  • Organizational Self-knowledge
    APA is committed to examining organizational strengths and weaknesses and recognizes that each person's knowledge of the association is an integral part of this process. APA encourages employees to expand their knowledge of all facets of APA as an organization so that it can accomplish its mission.