The APA Center for Learning and Career Development (CLCD) is dedicated to the lifelong learning and career development of psychologists. Its mission is to facilitate the ongoing education and training of psychologists to promote professional excellence, advancement and leadership competencies for psychologists in all areas of the discipline.

Areas of Emphasis

By providing an integrated, accessible and visible source for new and existing educational materials, the CLCD adds further value to membership. Our resources and activities include print and digital media, webinars, institutes, learning communities, mentoring networks and online courses.

  • Managing student debt
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership
  • Career development and advancement
  • Non-traditional careers for psychologists
  • Advanced statistics courses for researchers
  • Navigating the internship and licensure process
  • Explorations of the latest research and its application in practice settings (health, industrial/organizational, consulting, education)
  • Using technology in health practice (apps, telemedicine, etc.)

Our Initiatives

APA Online Individual Development Plan
APA Online Individual Development Plan (IDP)

The IDP is a cloud-based resource that allows individuals to engage in self-assessment of skills and interests, and map them onto career paths, resulting in an individualized plan for successful career advancement.

Institutes for Leadership Development
Institutes for Leadership Development

Includes intensive blended learning programming utilizing small working groups, mentoring and network building as well as web-based e-learning support. The foci of leadership development institutes will vary across the teaching, research, practice, administration and policy functions in which psychologists engage. Initial institutes might include: the Early Career Psychologists in APA Governance Pipeline; and Leadership for Academic and Research Psychologists.