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The American Psychological Foundation places a premium on developing psychological talent.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Graduate students encounter a number of financial needs in the course of their training, and APF is committed to trying to meet those needs so that the most capable students can thrive in the field. APF gives scholarships, dissertation funding, research support, travel grants and fellowships to launch careers for graduate students dedicated to the discipline. Student support ranges from $300 for travel support to $25,000 for fellowships.


APF is seeking to seed innovation through supporting projects and programs that use psychology to solve social problems. APF grants align with our mission of enhancing psychology to elevate the human condition and advance human potential. We offer grants for early career funding and seed grants for research and for targeted programs.

Lectures and Symposia

Each year, APF invites leaders in the field of psychology to speak on a variety of pertinent issues facing psychology today. These lectures and symposia seek to educate, enrich and inform the discussions taking place on these issues.

Visionary Grants

Visionary Grants offer up to $20,000 for innovative projects and programs that meet APF’s four priority areas.