APF Graduate Student Scholarships

$2,000 to $5,000 general scholarships for graduate students in psychology.


Sponsor: APF and the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology


APF awards 21 annual scholarships for graduate student research:

  • $5,000 Harry and Miriam Levinson Scholarship 

  • $5,000 William and Dorothy Bevan Scholarship 

  • $5,000 Charles and Carol Spielberger Scholarship 

  • $5,000 Peter and Malina James & Dr. Louis P. James Legacy Scholarship 

  • $3,000 Ruth G. and Joseph D. Matarazzo Scholarship 

  • $2,500 William C. Howell Scholarship

  • $2,000 Clarence J. Rosecrans Scholarship

  • $2,000 Raymond K. Mulhern Scholarship

  • $2,000 Dr. Judy Kuriansky Scholarship

  • 12 additional $2,000 scholarships 

Review Criteria

The major criteria are related to the research proposal. Proposals will be rated on the description of the context for the research (a brief literature review), the clarity and comprehensibility of the research question, the appropriateness of the research design, the general importance (theoretical, applied) of the research and the use of requested funds (with preference given for funds to actually conduct the research as opposed to tuition, travel, books and journals). Secondary criteria are related to the student's background, including previous publications or presentations at conferences, awards won at the student's institution, the letter of recommendations from the major advisor, breadth of courses taken and grades in courses.

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Graduate students enrolled in an interim master's program or doctoral program are eligible to apply. If a student is currently enrolled in a terminal master's program, the student must intend to enroll in a PhD program. Students at any stage of graduate study are encouraged to apply. The purpose of the scholarship program is to assist graduate students of psychology with research costs associated with the master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. The American Psychological Association Science Directorate administers the granting of the scholarships.

Each graduate department of psychology that is a member of COGDOP may submit nominations. The number of candidates that each member department is allowed to nominate depends upon the total number of students enrolled in the graduate program. Departments that have 100 or fewer students enrolled in their graduate programs may nominate one (1) candidate; departments that have 101-200 graduate students enrolled may nominate up to two (2) candidates; and departments that have more than 200 graduate students enrolled may nominate up to three (3) candidates. NOTE: nominees must be currently enrolled in the graduate program at the time grants are awarded.

APF encourages applications from individuals who represent diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation.

How to Apply

Please apply online.

Each application must include the following materials (please use 12-point font):

  1. A completed online application form.
  2. A letter of recommendation (three-page maximum) from the nominee's graduate research advisor, with original signature. On the online application form, there will be a space for you to enter your graduate advisor’s email address. He or she will receive a link to upload the letter.
  3. A brief outline (three-page maximum; see review criteria below) of the nominee's thesis or dissertation research project (even if in progress) along with titles and abstracts. Outlines may be single or double-spaced, margin sizes are at the discretion of each applicant, and the outline may be followed by up to two additional pages of references. We encourage you to use your best judgment on the format and content of your application, and to get your advisor’s feedback on a draft of the entire application packet before completing it.
  4. A curriculum vitae (not to exceed five pages) and a transcript (an unofficial/student copy is acceptable) of all graduate coursework completed by the nominee.
Past Recipients

Katherine Adams
Amber Anthenien
Mika Armenta
Shelby Bandel
Nadia Brashier
Kaylie Carbine
Marina Chernikova
Brandon Chuang
Lisa Curry-Pochy
Katie Darabos
Mahsa Ershadi
Anne Fast
Sophie Foss
Helena Rose Karnilowicz
Mary Lear
David March
Heather McDaniel
Meghan Puglia
Laura Quinones-Camacho
Kathleen Stone
Aliona Tsypes
Sylvanna Vargas


Steven Boomhower
Eddie Chong
Rebecca Cox
Marisa Crowder
Christina Di Iorio Karageorgiou
Laura Elenbaas
Travis Evans
Lorra Garey
Leah Halper
Brittany Jakubiak
Esen Karan
Lauren Luther
Colin Mahoney
Elena McDermott
Mona Moieni
Mia Nunez
Irmak Olcaysoy
Yolanda Vasquez-Salgado

Konstantinos Papazoglou
Ashley M. Shaw
Samantha L. Connolly
Lauren L. Long
Allison H. Kalpakci
Elizabeth A. Nick
Joanna Korman
Luis A. Parra
Robert M.G. Reinhart
Brandon M. Fritz
Charles J. Lynch
Vanessa M. Brown
Kevin Haworth
Jolene A. Jacquart
Mark Wade
Pauline Goger
Lawrence Houston
Mary Woody
Victoria Oleynick
Charles Brandt
Erica Coates
Kelsie Okamura
Carey Pulverman
Jamie Cassoff
Craig Speil
Sara Masland
Stephanie Wemm
Adam Putnam
Chelcie Heaney
Stephanie Brewer
Katherine Forney
Matthew Judah
Read about the 2014 winners
Dylan Gee
Justin Karr
Alexandra Rodman
Karen Pang
Erika Fulton
P. Priscilla Lui
Gary Glick
Jason Oliver
Jonathan Stange
Kathryn O'Toole
Adam Miller
Gabrielle D'Lima
Sunny Dutra
Janie Jun
Adriene Beltz
Read about the 2013 winners

Amanda Venta
Erin Moran
Timothy Jarome
Erin Ward-Ciesielski
Stephanie Groman
Justin Karr
John Medaglia
Kelly McWilliams
Darya Zabelina
Lisham Ashrafioun
Daniel Kopala-Sibley
Emily Cogsdill
Shayna Henry
Lauren Richmond
Lauren Margulieux
Read about the 2012 winners


Stephen Becker
Kristy Benoit
Erik Girvan
Courtney Gosnell
Gloria Luong
Jessica Keeney
Molly Walsh
Erin Thomas
Daniel Stout
Ann Johnson
Kevin Zabel
Brandon Warren
Aaron Haas
Read about the 2011 winners


Konrad Bresin
Aaron Fisher
Kelsie Forbush
Larisa Heiphetz
Nanxin Li
Cecilia Martinez-Torteya
Ian McDonough
Eric Pedersen
Adam S. Smith
Michael K. Scullin
Eva Telzer
Jill Waring
Yung-Jui Yang
Read about the 2010 winners


Peggy M. Zoccola
Joshua M. Carp
Saul L. Miller
Meghan W. Cody
Christine A. Conelea
Katie M. Edwards
Karim Kassam
Jennifer C. G. Larson
Meghan R. Miller
John J. Panos
Edward A. Selby
Michael T. Treadway
Xiaomeng Xu
Read about the 2009 winners


Arathi Sethumadhavan
Kristen M. Culbert
Jennifer M. Brielmaier
Melody Manchi Chao
Rachel H. Lucas-Thompson
Melissa J. Mathews
Aimilia Papazoglou
Laura C. Rusch
Brenda Jeanette Salley
Naomi Samimi Sadeh
Julie Maria St. Cyr-Baker
Kimberly Allison Van Orden
Laura M. Widman


Danielle Knatz Bello
David B. Portnoy
Robin L. Aupperle
Ethan H. Beckley
Leigh C. P. Botley
Whitney E. Botsford
Adam D. Brown
Kristin E. Flegal
Donna A. Kreher
Carissa A. Low
Sita G. Patel
Heather L. Rogers
Jennifer L. Wright


Laura E. Knouse
Sarah A. Palyo
Lisa M. Christian
Sarah Frenkiel-Fishman
Matthew C. Hocking
Katherine H. Karlsgodt
Jeffrey D. Karpicke
Meghan D. McAuliffe
Beth Mechlin
Ilke Oztekin
Elizabeth J. Rahn
Lisa M. Sontag
Jenny C. Su


Jillian Holm-Denoma
Jennifer Mohawk
Deann Atchley
Debbie Talmi
Eric D. Jackson
Julia Dmitrieva
Nina Kaiser
Karen M. Rodrigue
Kristen M. Kennedy
Emily Kuhl
Ryan Bogdan
Sara Chiara Haden
Simine Vazire


Michael Cohen
Susan M. Kiene
Derek Evan Nee
Andrea B. Burns
Erik Chihhung Chang
Hsin-Chin Chen
Kara Dyckman
Jessica Lord Bean
Qian Lu
Leh Woon Mok
John V. Petrocelli
Michael Pitts
Erin Costanzo


Dana Byrd
Stewart Shankman
Adam Brickman
Sherrie Delinsky
Stephen Gillaspy
Michael Himle
Jia Liu
Dominique Morisano
Elizabeth Podniesinski
Kalynn Schulz
Jessica Tracy
Lauren Warren


Amanda Bolbecker
Kara Bopp
Jennifer Dysart
Tanya Goyal
Emily Impett
William Lamb
Jill Levitt
Jean Pretz
Alan Scoboria
Indre Viskontas
Molly White
Jennifer Wildes
John Petrocelli
Robin Edelstein


Elizabeth Flanagan
Moria Smoski
Kristen Weede Alexander
Erika Bauer
Livia L. Gilstrap
Cynthia Huang-Pollock
Timothy C. Justus
Helen J. Kaczmarek
Angela Krom Fournier
Tamar Mendelson
Vinuta Rau
Donald J. Seyler
Oshin A. Vartanian


Gilad Chen
Alexander J. Schut
Jennifer A. Block
Noel A. Card
Angela M. Carter
Amy N. Cohen
Michael J. Crowley
David A. Gallo
Elizabeth D. Krause
Matthew P. Martens
David J. Rademacher
Rocio Rivadeneyra
Jennifer W. Sutton