Get involved with APAGS

APAGS Governance

APAGS is governed by nine officers (the APAGS Committee) elected by APAGS members along with the chairs of five specialized subcommittees. The nine elected APAGS officers include a chair, past-chair and chair-elect, as well as six members-at-large representing practice, research/academics, education/training, communications/public relations, diversity and membership recruitment/retention. The APAGS subcommittees include the Committee for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity (CARED), the Advocacy Coordinating Team (ACT), the Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity (CSOGD), the Convention Committee and the Science Committee.

Get involved

Develop your leadership skills, represent your student colleagues, advocate for the profession on a national level and invest in your future by getting involved with APAGS in one of the following ways:

Being a part of APAGS governance is a wonderful way to learn about areas of psychology that few are otherwise exposed to, including the complex policies and governance that makes up our field. You will have opportunities to collaborate with national leaders on a variety of issues and in a variety of formats. Your input and opinion as an APAGS leader is heard, seriously considered and valued by individuals and groups in the highest levels of APA governance.