The American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) aspires to achieve the highest quality graduate training experience for the next generation of scientific innovators, expert practitioners and visionary leaders in psychology.


APAGS builds a better future for psychology by serving as a united voice to enrich and advocate for graduate student development.

Operating Procedures and Important Documents

To learn more about the work of APAGS, our structure, discussions and the positions we take on various matters, view our documents page.

APAGS Membership

For graduate students in psychology, becoming a student affiliate of APA automatically enrolls you as a member of APAGS. Undergraduates may join APAGS for a small fee. APAGS offers all its members enormous opportunities to enhance their development towards a career in psychology and to shape the future of the discipline. From at-home access to research tools like PsycINFO, to opportunities to present your work at APA's annual convention, membership in APA/APAGS will help you succeed in graduate school and develop as a member of the psychological community.

What is APAGS?

The American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) is the voice of student concerns within the APA. APAGS develops, endorses and disseminates information to students about relevant education and training issues, legislative positions and developments, and future directions or changes in the field, through printed resources and the website; and APAGS creates and supports opportunities for students in the form of scholarships and awards, association advocacy work and a host of development activities.

  • APAGS is the largest group of organized graduate psychology students worldwide. Founded in 1988, APAGS currently represents approximately one-third of all APA members, making it one of the largest constituency groups within the association.

  • APAGS is governed by nine officers elected by APAGS members along with the chairs of five specialized subcommittees — all supported by an associate executive director and professional staff at the APA headquarters in Washington, D.C.

  • The nine elected APAGS officers include a chair, past-chair and chair-elect, as well as six members-at-large who have particular foci for advocacy and representation, that include practice, research/academics, education/training, communications, diversity and membership, recruitment and retention.


Specialized Subcommittees