Promoting Health

Promoting Health
The science of psychology is unlocking the mysteries of how the brain works, helping people make healthy lifestyle choices and improving the treatment of complex human problems.

Psychology’s Impact

Psychologists use scientific research to better understand perception, learning, language, attention, memory, problem-solving, decision-making and judgment. The information they gather is vital to people’s overall well-being and success.

Using this information and a deep knowledge of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders, psychologists are also taking a look at the interaction between mental processes, behaviors and health. In particular, they conduct and apply research to help people adopt healthy behaviors, promote health and wellness, prevent illness and improve health care systems.


Brain Science and Cognitive Psychology

Brain Science and Cognitive Psychology

Brain science and cognitive psychologists study how the human mind thinks, remembers and learns. They apply psychological science to understand how we make decisions and perceive our world.
Developmental psychologists focus on human growth and changes across the lifespan, including physical, cognitive, social, intellectual, perceptual, personality and emotional growth.

Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychologists study how people grow and adapt over the course of their lives. They apply their research to help people overcome developmental challenges and reach their full potential.
Climate and Environmental Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychologists integrate the science of psychology with the treatment of complex human problems.
A Career in Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychologists focus on facilitating personal and interpersonal functioning across the lifespan.
Health Psychology

Health Psychology

Health psychologists use the science of psychology to promote health, prevent illness and improve health care. They get to the root of people’s emotions to help them make healthy choices.
Rehabilitation psychologists study and work with individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions to help them overcome challenges and improve their quality of life.

Rehabilitation Psychology

Rehabilitation psychologists study individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions and help to improve their overall quality of life.
Social Psychology Examines the Influence of Interpersonal and Group Relationships

Social Psychology

Social psychologists use psychological science to understand how we perceive ourselves in relation to the rest of the world and how this perception affects our choices, behaviors and beliefs.

Research in Action

Superman couldn't see through lead, but doctors and psychologists did, exposing lead's damaging effects on children's psychological development.

Even A Bit of Lead Is Bad for Kids' Psychological Development

Children with high lead levels had lower IQs, less verbal competence, worse speech processing and worse attention.
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