It is very important that the information disseminated to parents and caregivers be based on the best available science and accurate. And to be effective, information needs to be tailored to the audience and delivered in ways that engage and enhance expected learning. Based on those principles, we put together sets of factsheets and handouts organized in a clear, simple and friendly language and format that meet different literacy levels and catch the attention of busy readers.

Whether you are a professional conducting ACT Program groups for parents/caregivers in your community, or working with parents/caregivers through other interventions, or if you are a parent or a caregiver, the ACT fact sheets and handouts can help you.

Fact Sheets

Child Development Fact Sheets

These fact sheets list basic cognitive and social/emotional skills expected at children different ages and stages of development.

Challenging Behaviors Fact Sheets

These fact sheets use four scenarios of children in typical situations at different ages to foster learning about child development.


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