For several years now, the ACT program has also been successfully implemented in a variety of countries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia and has great potential for continued expansion. Through memorandums of agreement with the Violence Prevention Office of the American Psychological Association (APA), universities, foundations and national psychological associations are implementing the program in communities overseas.

Who Is Involved with the ACT Program Overseas?

The ACT International Master Trainers/Coordinators include university professors, researchers, graduate students, clinicians, and managers in fields such as psychology, social work, education, health, who coordinate and are involved in research and/or implementation of the program in their communities.

What is their role? The ACT International Coordinators/Master Trainers:
  • Secure institutional support and funding.
  • Organize trainings and the program groups for parents based on the materials and protocols defined by the program coordination at APA.
  • Conduct and publish evaluation studies.
  • Maintain a relationship with the program coordination at APA.

The Issue of Cultural Adaptation

The ACT program is culturally sensitive and has research-based curriculum and materials adapted for diverse cultures and translated into several languages. It translates science-based complex content into simple, friendly language and formats to help all parents learn positive parenting skills and practices.

It has a universal approach and a curriculum that teaches basic knowledge and skills that every parent should learn. It incorporates adult learning theory and proposes an interactive and experiential opportunity to engage participants.

Adaptation to the different countries, languages and cultures are incorporated after thorough discussions, reviews and reasoning with the program coordination staff at APA. And is therefore documented. Adaptation means to be creative changing or adding examples, activities that better reflect cultures and groups. But cannot change the objectives of the program nor remove and/or add new content.

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