Bylaws and Association Rules


Association Rules

Association Rules, adopted and amended by the APA Council of Representatives (henceforth Council), detail the operational and managerial authority needed to conduct the affairs of the Association under the bylaws of the American Psychological Association (henceforth APA Bylaws).

The amendment or repeal of an Association Rule, or the addition of a new rule, becomes effective at the close of the meeting at which it is adopted.

10. Membership

20. Ethics

25. Strategic Planning for the Association

30. Procedures of Council

40. Organization of Council

50. Council's Board and Committee Infrastructure

60. Council Leadership Team

70. Policy and Planning Board

80. Board of Directors

90. Continuing Committees of the Board Of Directors

100. Divisions

110. Elections and Appointments

120. Educational Affairs

130. Professional Affairs

140. Scientific Affairs

150. Public Interest

160. Ethnic Minority Affairs

170. Publications and Communications

180. Convention Affairs

190. Interorganizational Linkages

200. Central Office

210. Finance

220. Amending APA Bylaws


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