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Division 40: Society for Clinical Neuropsychology provides a scientific and professional forum for individuals interested in the study of the relationships between the brain and human behavior. As such, Division 40 promotes interdisciplinary interaction among various interest areas including physiological cognitive, developmental, clinical rehabilitation, school, forensic and health psychology. The exchange of ideas in facilitated by the Division's encouragement of scientific research, education and practice. Members receive (twice a year) the Society for Clinical Neuropsychology, Newsletter 40, in which pertinent divisional issues and information are published. In addition, the Division presents student awards for distinguished scientific research at the APA annual convention.

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Society for Clinical Neuropsychology, Newsletter 40 (two issues per year)

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Society for Clinical Neuropsychology (PDF, 20KB)
"Clinical Neuropsychology: A Guide for Patients and Their Families" and "Pediatric Neuropsychology: A Guide for Parents," both published by the Public Interest Advisory Committee of Division 40.

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